My counterpart is a wannabe FBI agent

"What you don't know, is what we know.  What you want to know you can't know.  And what you think you know, you have no idea.  Now where's the girl!?"

Why.  I should have left him by the side of the road two days ago.

"Listen,"  I interjected, hoping to distract Donnie Brasco, "have you seen her or not?  Clearly, we are unqualified to cause trouble."

Eagle tatoo shook his head. 

"Thanks anyway."  I put a hand on Jeff's shoulder, "Come on."

"I don't think so, this guy knows something!"

"He knows he can beat you to a bloody pulp.  We are wasting our time here.  And it's almost 11:00.  She will be calling with more instructions."

At this, Jeff's broad shoulders caved under my hand, "Yeah.  Yeah, okay.  I've been itching for room service leftovers all night anyway."

"You and me both."

The End

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