Chapter 10

Vera glanced about her, her two fairy-siblings missing from their house. Seeing all was clear, she tossed open their cabinet, shifting through the various viles filled with colored liquids, herbal pieces, all certain potion-making materials. She gracefully waved her hands over the containers, mouthing their names as she went over them.

She grimaced, putting her hands on her hips. "Humph..clean out of the petals from the Lavithaen Rose Garden."  Her wings fluttered, frustrated. For a brief moment, she crossed her arms, pacing back and forth just before the cabinet.

The Sorceress Jamina would have some, for certain. She was a strange character, but no one to be afraid of. At least Vera wasn't. Veronica said she was stained with jealousy, filled with her own glory, embittered with some unusual wants, twisted with a devious plan to advance only herself.  

But Veronica always had a mind for the dramatic. All she wanted from Jamina was the rose petals for the Queen's love potions she would make only by herself...then she would show her sisters that she was right...and it was the best thing for their once-princess.


"So, what is it you want with Lavithaen's petals?" the Sorceress inquired bluntly, her voice cold and cunning as she moved the vial in which it was contained from finger to finger.

"What does it matter, Jamina?" Vera replied, looking to the tall form of the witchy woman standing before her. She had a dark, sharp beauty, not perfectly flawless with a prominent, strong nose which appeared to belong to a man--the source of many of Vanessa's amusing jokes--and an expression that looked like she had bitten into something incredibly sour.

"Well..." Jamina looked around her potion room, continuing to lazily play with the petals. "It is well known that it is most used in love potion, and, if that was the case, I was wondering if you needed any assistance. I am aware that you are among the best brewers around of the mixture, but I have a secret theory to make it stronger...,"

Vera couldn't help feeling her curiousity rise, yet she quickly replied, "Thank you, Jamina. Perhaps another time--the subject is far too important to experiment a theory upon." 

The soceress appeared satisfied, as if she had learned what she wanted. "Oh, alright. By the way, how is your Queen Penelope?"

"Very well. As beautiful as ever," answered the fairy, unsuspecting.

"How wonderful. Tell her I give her my hello's and best wishes," Jamina said smoothly.


"Oh, Vera is such a fool!" laughed the Sorceress, taking her cloak around her before setting herself in her chair.

"How so, Mother?" her son looked up to her from his books, brushing back his hair.

"She has opened the perfect entryway--the perfect path to what we have worked so hard for! The throne!"

He stood from his chair, moving his tall, broad form just before her, curious. "Once again, I wonder, how?"

"Here, darling, I shall explain it all to you," Jamina rose, holding her son's cheek fondly in her hand.  "For you are the one to take the next step down this path!"

The End

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