Chapter 7

....all around me the world was on fire, I felt myself, my limbs were ablaze as well....the sword was heavy like lead in my hand....above me the sky was dark, billowing clouds of smoke choking out the light. Before me the tower pierced the canopy of black, the large, cat-like eyes of the dragon staring down upon us like hot coals in a fire as it draped its serpentine body about the structure. All around the gouls and demons of nightmares with their twisted faces slashed at me and my forces, miniscule in comparison to them....a sea of blood, both human and inhuman, soaked into my boots.....I looked through the crowd for Henry but could not see him.....around me the men died...more and more I was alone in this prison...slashing at the evil beasts surrounding me. I was caught in hell.

The dragon roared, its devil-eyes seeming to focus in on me. It leapt from its perch, its form darker then the sky above as it soared above. It swooped, dove for prey with its mouth hung open, bearing its ugly, hungry teeth. Screaming...the dragon took a nearby pocket of men in the grasp of its deady claw and tooth, narrowly missing me....fresh, hot blood splattered over my armor and dribbled down onto my skin, mixing with the gore of my own almost laughed jubilantly, returning to its spot to enjoy its newest catch....

....I knew what I had to do. I sliced my way through the forces of creatures, my muscles shrieking, exhausted....I somehow found my way to the terrace before the tower, standing alone...cutting down enemies as they tried to snatch me....the dragon came towards me to meet its newest challenger....

Julian jolted from my sleep, the haunting memories still a shadow in his mind. He was panting, foamy sweat forming beneath his clothes. Looking around him, the cool darkness of night eneveloped the forrest around them, still-warm coals flickering in the remains of the firepit. He was leaning against a nearby tree, drifted to his nightmares during his shift of watch. Rosaline's form, slowly rising and falling from steady breath, lay a lump under covers nearby.

Shifting uneasily, he gazed around. Would he ever go a day without reliving that day?   

The End

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