Chapter 6

On the road again...

"Hey, where are you heading?"

Julian frowned, turning about to face Rosaline standing further down the path with her hands on her hips. She moved forward, coming within an arm's reach of him. "What does it matter to you? I am simply a trader, as I told you before."

"Humph," Rosaline half-laughed, archly raising a brow. "A wandering trader without any selling items upon you, without money, a sword, sneaking around in the darkness. Sure, a trader."

Crossing his arms, he looked over her. "Hey, what is that?" He pointed to the rusty old sword strapped to her hip, a dagger just beside it. She looked a little odd as well, her hair braided back, a pack over her shoulder.

"You have one," she pointed back to his own weapon.

He chuckled, shaking his head, "You are one strange milkmaid."

She smugly smiled, swiftly pulling the dagger from its place and in a flick of her wrist sent it hurling at the tree at Julian's side. He jumped, alarmed, looking to the blade buried deep in the bark eye-level. Tilting her head, she stated a-matter-of-factly, "I'm just a milkmaid with strange hobbies.....and you're...a trader."

"What do you care, anyways?" asked Julian, partly-irritated. With that, he turned on his heel and strolled off, cautiously looking from the corner of his eye, wary of Rosaline.

Rosaline rippe the embedded dagger from its spot and jogged forward, planting her feet just before him. She casually flipped the dagger around expertly in her fingers, twirling it about in a series of tricks before ending it pointed directly at him. "I am coming," she declared.

"What? No you are not."

She rested the smooth side of the blade on her palm, tapping it thoughtfully. "You are not a trader. You walk the path of Destiny--I know it."

"You know it!?" cried Julian incredulously. "What, are you a--?"

"Hey, I haven't finished," Rosaline directed the end of the blade at him, a mock-scolding expression crossing her face. She leaned closer, whispering, "I had a dream about you, the night before I saw you at the Storytelling. You are some sort of knight on a mission, a man with a purpose, a hero-to-be!"

Julian grimaced, gazing over the girl curiously. She was strange.

"And I'm looking for adventure," she tucked away the dagger from where it came. "I got nothing to lose."

His face firmed into a resolute frown. Julian stepped forward, his nose almost touching hers, his voice stiff and cold, his words heavy, "No. It's not true. You have everything to lose." 

Rosaline shifted on her feet, silent.

"You are very confident in yourself, aren't you, Rosie?" Julian stepped around her, starting to walk. Rosaline jolted forward, quicken her pace to keep up with his long stride.

"What's wrong with having a little confidence in yourself?" smiled Roaline.

"Could get you in trouble,"

"Trouble? What sort of trouble?"

Julian laughed, looking forwards down the path.

Looking forward, moving forward...where? Why?

Walking the path of Destiny.What is that supposed to mean?


The End

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