Chapter 5

"So, who is this mystery 'true' prince?" Vera picked at her nails as she set herself upon her stool.

"I haven't the least idea," said Veronica slowly. "He is out there...somewhere." 

"I am sure he is not as handsome as Henry," murmured Vanessa.

Vera stood up sharply, nearly tipping her stool. She fluttered her wings furiously, making quite a ruckus, "Well if you admire him so much, why don't you go off and have him for yourself--!"

"Ladies, please!" Veronica cried, gently placing her hands upon her two sister fairies' arms. "You give me a migrane! Please!"

Vanessa set herself softly on the ivory-colored sofa, grudgingly frowning. "And what is this 'true' prince going to do? Penelope is married to Henry, and Henry is King."

"Um-hum," agreed Vera adjusting her stool and returning to her previous position. "Why can't we just give the girl a dose of Love Potion? It would be far simplier and happen right now!"

"The issue is much more complex then that, Dears," said Veronica smoothly. "It is not just Penelope who has trouble. Henry's deceit will soon bite all around."

"I still think Love Potion is a good idea," muttered Vera. "At least temporarily...and it will make Penelope feel better."

"Oh, enough with your mischief, Vera," Veronica scolded her lightly, pulling a large book from the shelf. "Come, Sisters, we have work to do."

The End

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