Emma III

I slipped into my usual seat next to Sue in the History classroom. We'd done all the usual first day preparations that morning, so us older people started work immeadiately. Unfortunatley, although I like history, Mr Griff hated me.

Kyle Mitchell slipped in the seat behind me and pulled my hair, hard. I stood up and slapped him hard around the back of the head, just as Mr Griff walked in. Kyle had some sort of mean fascination with me. He hated me but was fascinated by how I would react if he was mean, so instead of being normal and avoiding me, he purposely got in my way, which was very helpful to my temper of course.

I was told to move to the front of the class and come during prep time for extra work. That was just what I needed.

The rest of the lessons were typically normal boring easiness. Maths, English bleurgh!

What else shall I add?

The End

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