A Tale of Three Sisters

Emma and Kate Motor have been living with their aunt since Mama grew ill and was forced to move to Italy for a warmer climate. Separated for years and years, what strange surprise awaits them in years to come, of what happened on the other side of the ocean.

“Oh, Emma! Is that it?”

Emerald Motor turned her head to smile down at her little sister with that protective sorority each older sister cherishes for her beloved younger one, and each little sister adds to the great virtues of the wonderful elder one. The power of sistership – it is but one of the most lovely and beautiful wonders of the world. What marvels one can discover within the loving community of a family, when the bonds are held by the deepest love and friendship, and cannot ever be broken for any matter of time.

“Is that the school?” cried little Kathleen Motor, bouncing on her seat with the animated vivacity of a keen child going to school for the first time.

“Yes; that is Baroness Cora Randall’s Educational Institute for Boys and Girls,” Emerald replied in a voice softened for both her school and her sister. The brown stone building was warm and friendly-looking, and with the sun exactly behind the bell tower, appeared a golden beacon of light to the twelve-year-old.

“Do you think I’ll like school?” Kate asked anxiously as the vision was masked by a tall hedge on one side of the road, and the beacon was gone and the excited hope gone too. “Lessons with a class, and boys too…I think I’m a bit nervous.”

“It’s hard at first,” owned Emma, “but boys aren’t bad at all. Some of them are quite lovely.”

“Not all, though,” said Kate. “I can tell by the way you said it.”

“At your age, they can be idiots, but there are a few nice ones.”

“I think I’ll just stick to making friends with girls,” said Kate. “I’d feel safer.”

Emma just laughed. “You’ll see,” she said cryptically. “You’ve never really had any experience.”

“I’m determined not to see,” responded Kate stubbornly. “Ooh, are we here?”

“Yes, this is it. Goodbye Aunt Janetta. And thank you.”

Emma let herself out from the jeep and opened the boot, where her and Kate’s cases were stacked neatly, effectively blocking the back mirror and rendering reversing as a dangerous operation.

Kate, with a little dithering, opened her own door, and kissed her aunt on the cheek through the window. Grabbing her handbag and taking a case, she turned to her sister.

“I’m ready,” she said, puffing up her small chest and squaring her jaw.

“You’re adorable,” commented Emma playfully, giving her sister a quick hug.

They waved to Aunt Janetta as the jeep rolled away, and exchanged very different glances.

“Come on, baby sis,” said Emma in a tender voice, nudging Kate’s slight form. Though similar in face and colouring, they were built very differently. While Kate was small and slender, Emma was tall and full, and considered one of the most beautiful girls in her year. But the sisters loved one another very much, and that made them a united power, together in their influence and interests. While having different hobbies, they were both for each other – one for all and all for one, as the popular saying goes.

“Emma! Emerald Motor!” a voice cried from somewhere ahead, somewhere in the green grounds. A girlish figure was hurrying across the daisy-spattered grass.

“Susan! Susie Hind!” called Emma, moving to meet her. Kate hung back for a moment, then started towards her sister and her sister’s best friend, of whom she had heard much about.

“Emma! I’m so glad to see you. Will was getting really impatient. I deterred him and he’s gone to get some tucks from the store.”

Emma’s cheeks flushed a pretty pink, and Susan continued mercilessly.

“He hasn’t seen his girlfriend in weeks. You should’ve tried to be a bit earlier, you know. You couldn’t keep him waiting – poor Will. He’s had a dull summer with his dad, wishing for you every minute of the day, and you had to keep him waiting now.”

Kate paced forward, interested. Emma, quite embarrassed by now, waved her friend’s teasing away.

“This is Kathleen, my sister,” she said quickly. “Kate, this is Sue, as you’ve gathered.”

“Oh, Kate! You must meet Prunella, my sister. I promised her I’d introduce you two,” said Susan eagerly. “She’s not far – only on the entrance steps with one or two of her little pals. She’s absolutely dying to meet you. Come on! Come on!”

And so Kate approached her new school with a tall pretty senior on either arm, and with a certain friend named Prunella already gained. It was a good beginning.

The End

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