Chapter 3

The class ended and I collected my books quickly, hoping to see a second reunion of our two protagonists. I sat with my tuna sandwich and strong coffee in the cafeteria and waited. She appeared within five minutes, scanning the room repeatedly - she was looking for him. Her face dropped with every unsuccessful glance around. She picked up a bottle of water and a packed salad. She would regret that. She sat with two other girls, one of which was in my sociology class - the blonde one, I forgot her name. Kelly or something...Katy. Katy was talking loudly and I could almost hear her words from where I sat in the corner of the cafeteria. I was surprised none of the boys in my class had not taken a liking to Katy, she was tall and not thin but curvy her hair in neat curls.


Tom Wolfe entered the room, instantly lighting the place. He was taller than his fellow friends, broader too - his shoulders were wide, protective. The blue t-shirt he wore clung to his chest and arms in an appealing way. Katy had noticed his entrance and let out a tiny high pitched gasp. Our heroin turned, her hair wiping around. Tom smiled and as he sat he beckoned her to come forward with his fingers. Katy had a look of shock on her face, as the girl turned spoke and carried herself gracefully over to him.


She sat next to him, not as close as I expected as for her expression I thought she was going to embrace him again. They sat and talked. Tom's friends paid them no attention and the girl's seemed to be watching them eagerly. It was not hard to imagine that they knew each other well. Their expressions were relaxed and he seemed to be listening to every word she said and she him. Tom's eyes never left her face, but she got embarrassed several times and her eyes flickered around his head. There seemed to be something that lingered between them, they were, as we have established not lovers but friends. But watching them excited me, as if I was waiting for two budding lovers to finally realise love. Not once did their conversation lead to silence and it seemed that the girl was telling Tom something that pained her greatly, she dropped her gaze to her hands and her hair fell in front of her eyes. What could she have told him? He frowned at her; from where I sat I could see the pain that this caused him. His arm wound around her shoulder bringing her closer to him.


She pulled away quicker than I thought, for I imagined that his comfort would have been something she seeked, possibly wanted through her grief. Tom Wolfe seemed to expect this and dropped his arm. She shook her head several times as he continued to speak. I wanted to know what was being said. Suddenly, she laughed and I heard the melody of it. He smiled with her, a kind and understanding smile that even made my heart swell. They embraced again, on her permit, her thin arms wrapped around his shoulders and her hands bunched into the nape of his neck, feeling his thick hair. I could see that her eyes were closed --

"Penny?" Jason Long, the college director had sat opposite me, unwelcome.

"What?- er sorry, Long what's - what's wrong?" I fidgeted with my coffee, the Styrofoam cup squeaking awkwardly. I was brought back to reality and my skin tingled from the air con, and the clatter of cutlery and babble of talk was deafening.

"I wanted to talk to you about your Spanish class this evening---" Jason coughed and I closed my eyes to hide the roll. Jason and I shared the Business course, I handling the language and he the work experience etc.

"Yes...What about it?"

"You have a few more students joining" Jason explained his watery eyes narrowing in offense.

"Great. Thank you" I dismissed him, and he got up without another word. I took an absent sip of coffee and turned back to my subjects, who to my disgust had disappeared.


The End

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