Chapter 2

"Out of the way!" I bellowed, holding my heavy textbooks aloft as to threaten to drop them if anyone were to ignore me. The crowd parted like the red sea and I glided through, past the boy who was lining up with his class mates. A new year, new students - lovely. I dropped my books onto the desk and watched as they sat down.

"Good morning class, I am Penny Berry...please take your seats and when you're ready begin clockwise and tell me your names" I sat at my desk and pulled out a pen and my jotter. My sociology class to my relief was mostly full of boys, only a few girls scattered themselves and were evidently checking out the young men that were seated with them. I pretended to doodle, but was aching to know the name of the young man I had seen this morning. He sat talking merrily with his friends, his light brown hair kinked and curled a little around his ears. His blue eyes were bright and eager, his face was kind. He had stopped talking and I heard the first student say his name

"Can you spell that for me? H-a-r-n-e-q. Thank you" I smiled to the Asian looking boy, his thick glass magnifying his eyes. The students continued and I wrote them down mechanically, until a louder, confident voice said "I'm Tom Wolfe" I looked up immediately, confirming my suspicions. The other female students seemed to swoon and coo over him, and to my amazement he didn't even notice. He looked at me worriedly for a moment and I was thankful when the next student began with her name, awkwardly and stammering.


I had begun the class automatically, writing down the basic knowledge rules of the campus and the curriculum. Tom Wolfe seemed to be listening, but also concentrating on something else. I wondered whether he was thinking about his friend from this morning. His features were handsome, angular almost symmetrical and I had to narrow my eyes a few times at our ladies of the class who were having a hard time concentrating on anything but him, as he swivelled his pen in his fingers.

"The term sociology can be taken in many different ways and learnt very differently. This year along with this course we will take a very covert approach to studying people in society..." I said, looking around the class to make sure that they were writing this down.

"Can you give an example of a way in which sociology can be learnt differently?" the Asian boy Harneq asked. I smiled down at him. This question was unnecessary; however I indulged him for the moment.

"I studied sociology in spain, where the methods of research were overt based. We studied with an anthropological basis and view of a society."

Tom Wolfe had sat up at my words and was frowning; I looked at him - waiting.

"Do you teach Spanish here?" he asked, and the class turned to look at him.

"Yes..." I answer slightly taken aback "...are you taking the course as well?"

"No- no...I just - Just have a're her teacher I think..."

I nodded, nonplussed and resumed my speech. I wondered whether it were our heroin. I smiled at the white board.


The End

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