a tale of love

This story surrounds two friends, observed by their college lecturer, who lost her love years ago and has since found herself yearning to tell a tale of love with the same passion and desire that she once knew.

They embraced delicately, I hardly saw it happen. She was eager for it, even from behind her I could sense she wanted it, and even his wide handsome smile could not fool me, that he was more than glad she had made the first leap. His strong arms wound around her back holding her tightly, her thin arms around his neck, - their bodies moulded together so comfortably that it seemed that they were two pieces of a long forgotten puzzle, finally replaced. I waited until they separated, which was longer than I had inspected and could only see his mouth move and his wide shoulders shrug humbly. I could only see his face; hers was directed towards him as she tossed her long hair - which was the shade of every colour in autumn. He smiled, and I tried to imagine what they were saying to each other. It was evident they were not lovers, since their embrace led to nothing but a space between them. I sensed she wanted to break it, for she leant forward several times to grip the top of his arm reassuringly. His eyes had narrowed slightly at her words, not like she had upset him, but rather she were upset and he knew it. I now, wanted to see her face. I had only seen their embrace and now I was fixated. The space around them began to brightened, and I fear that their small reunion would be broken by the moron's throwing a Frisbee across the campus. When I turned back to them, they were separating. The boy had made an act to move but she was quick, she held him again, this time around the waist and I saw her face for the first time as she held him, there was a pained smile on her face, as if, him leaving was upsetting. Her eyes were closed and it seemed to me that she was deeply inhaling through her nose, as if smelling him. I imagined the scent for a brief moment before paying attention to her face again. She was rather beautiful but she looked tired, dark circles around her dark blue eyes. Her nose was long and out of proportion with her features. They pulled apart, his large hands cupped her shoulders as if to prize her from him and he walked away I watched his mouth and could have sworn he had said "see ya"

I didn't hear her, but she turned - a mixture of happiness and pain mangled her face. Her skin was almost white; she wore dark clothes that accentuated this. Her lips were full and pouting, her eyes were directed towards her feet. I looked towards the retreating boy and gathered my things, she was heading towards the Business faculty and I had a lesson, which seemed to be in the direction of our hero. I walked quickly into the heavily crowded corridor.

The End

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