An Idea is FormedMature

  As it turned out the agreement made between Aaron and Bianca was well thought out and held them for two years before they ran into a stumbling block. Two blocks really; the first being that they had not yet found a consort for Bianca and she was becoming increasingly upset about this. The second one being, that although everything pointed towards a wonderful marriage that was full of love, there had not yet been any children born to the couple. This was a point of contention between the young couple and their collective parents; all of whom were looking towards the day an heir would be born, preferably male, to secure the land in harmony.

  Sitting in the garden Aaron and Bianca are arguing about the child they had yet to bear, and what should be done to produce said heir.

 “Aaron, I know this might be hard for you, but I think we REALLY should try and produce a child on our own first. Could you not just try and think that I am Elliot”? Bianca was pacing back and forth “Or what if Elliot was in the room with us. That might make it easier on you”. Aaron had just finished his wine glass at the moment and his answer to Bianca’s suggestion came spurting out of his mouth, which he was then unable to close due to shock.

“My dear Bianca, I do not think you know what you are asking.”

He leaned back on the bench, his position one of defeat. Bianca stood there, looking at Aaron, exasperation written across her features. She watched as he reached over to the small table to open the wine bottle noticing again how handsome he was. The sun was glinting off his dark chocolate colored hair and he had the slightest bit of color to him, no doubt from the many days of riding under the sun.  His eyes looked tired though and Bianca was able to see where small worry lines were being to form.  I wonder that he may be as tired as I am’ she mused.

 Passing her a glass while bringing Bianca to sit beside him Aaron began “It isn’t merely as simple as you being in the room or not, one thing that I am considering above all other things, is that you have yet to be ‘plucked’. And even with our agreement I will not be the one to do the plucking. It just isn’t fair to you.” Leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees, Aaron looked at the ground slowly shaking his head. “I know we are in a difficult position, and I am thinking that we need to find you, now more than ever, someone who can please you as well.”

It was Bianca’s turn to lean back now, throwing up her hands in mock surrender “Oh well yes, it isn’t as though we haven’t been looking these past two years. I’m so glad you bring it up again.” She let her gaze fall on the forest once more. It was a hard thing to, find a lover without letting anyone know about it. It was harder still when she was so shy, knowing that when it came to picking she just might not be able to do it in the end.

“Bianca, do not be angry with me. But to that end I think I may have found an answer.”

Keeping her gaze on the forest she answered

“How could you have done a thing such as that?”

“This is where you must promise me you will not be cross.”

Looking back at him with a sharp retort on her tongue, she stopped her words and merely spread her hands apart as if asking what he was going to say. Smiling sweetly at him she replied “I promise.”

Visibly relaxing Aaron sighed in relief. “Oh good, mother did not know how you would react.”

“Your mother?” Bianca went rigid, a cold fury beginning to form in the pit of her stomach. “Tell me Aaron, you did not really ask your mother for advice. What in the world would she say?”

“Firstly I need for you to know, that my mother has long suspected where my heart really lay. She has supported me in all my decisions and knew how hard it would be for me to marry for political reasons. To that end, it was she who had chosen you. She watched as you grew into a young woman, and had told me how wonderful a person you were. She thought you would be the one woman in the realm besides herself, whom I could truly trust.” He paused, looking into her face “She was right Bianca, and she is committed to helping us in any way she can. And to that end, has an idea.”

  Aaron then began a long and rambling tale about a man who lives in the very forest between their lands. One who was known to practice magic’s and makes potions of every kind for people with the right amount of money. Aaron continued “Supposedly he is a hermit living in a cave, someone who claims to be hundreds of years old. My mother found him out once. She asked him to help her win my father’s love. It worked for her, so why could it not be the same for us?”

“I don’t know Aaron, it just leaves so much to chance, but if you think this a possible answer then let’s do it. You find him, give whatever it is he wants in trade or pay and we can settle the matter of an heir.”

Laughing, Bianca turned her face away and said “Who knows? maybe he will even be able to help us find me a lover!”

The End

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