Part 3 - Six O'Clock News

"Good evening, and welcome to BBC News. Our top story this evening: a man was found dead at the offices of the Ministry of Intelligence this morning. The police have yet to release a statement regarding the man's death, but early reports indicate it to be a suicide. We will bring you more information as it becomes available. In other news, the Prime Minister was in..."

The TV abruptly shut off and retracted into the wall, and a man waiting in the shadows beside where it had been stepped forwards and crossed his arms. Across from him sat two men, wrapped in cigarette smoke and shadow. One wore thick rimmed glasses, the other sported a thin mustache.

"One less loose end." said the man by the TV. His voice was deep, yet uncertain. 

"Don't be so obtuse. While his curious meddling may no longer be a direct issue, the inquest into his death will be highly damaging to our goals." This was the man with the mustache, he spoke with a shrill, antagonistic voice.

"This is not as serious as it could be. Chris Dresden knew much more than any of us suspected. His suicide tells us that. It was obvious his breach of our security measures went much deeper than we once thought, which is worrying. However, he is now dead and we can assume most of what he knew died with him." This was the final man. His voice emanated menace like heat.

"Actually, this may not be the case." said the standing man, very reluctantly. Both men in the chairs stared at him.

"Explain." they said in unison.

"Another employee working on Mr. Dresden's floor saw his secretary take a letter to the post room a few minutes before he shot himself."

"And you didn't think to tell us this?" They said, again perfectly in time with one another.

"I wasn't ah... I wasn't aware that it was an importance." The standing man recoiled back against the wall, like a slave from a master's whip.

"We must find this secretary. Sandfield, get her here any way you know how. We need to know what was in this letter."

Sandfield took this as his opportunity to escape and quickly slipped out the door, closing it behind him. The two men waited until his footsteps had disappeared down the corridor and melted into the shadows.

The End

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