Part 2 - Barely Enough Time

I gazed at the envelope for a few moments before taking out a different, plain, white and neatly addressed envelope from the drawer beneath my desk. It was a testament to my preparation skills that I had already made separate plans for different situations. Unfortunately, the one I was setting in motion was the one I had hoped most not to need. 

I held it for a second or two, remembering the face of the one who would open it before pushing the intercom button on my desk.

"Jane, could you come in here a second? I need a letter delivering." The door cracked open a fraction, and I smiled to see her checking the room for Lavender before she entered. Satisfied that she wasn't going to be disciplined for some imagined infraction, she bounced into the room with a grin, took the offered envelope and promptly exited the room. I preferred her silent, emotional communication. She conveyed more without words than any other person capable of speech that I'd met.

When I was sure she was gone, I took a key from the false bottom on my top drawer, and opened the bottom one with it. Inside was a small .22 caliber revolver and six rounds.

Five more than I needed.

The End

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