A Symposium of Similar Styled Stories

Explained in part 1.


I am not a particularly proficient writer, in the sense that I cannot continue a story in one long telling. I feel the urge to explain different times and parts of the same spiel in a nonsensical order, simply because it seems right in my own head to do so. However, this isn't usually very helpful to a reader, as they will not have the rest of the story in their minds from which to hold onto key points of reference in the way that I, as the writer and source of narrative, do.

So, in essence, this particular tale will be somewhat unconventional, largely unconnected, come from many different viewpoints (at least to begin with), contain different styles of writing and will probably feature many a dead ended storyline.

If you can bear with all of that, I applaud your patience.

And now, to our beginning...


PART 1 - Violent Lavender

She exploded into the office like a thunderclap, making a beeline straight for my desk with a wicked grin that spoke volumes about her intent.  My assistant made a step towards her as she entered, but dared do nothing but watch her as a mouse watches a cat that has not yet noticed it.  Hesitating a little longer, she glanced towards my desk and then flew from the room in a clack of frightened heels.

The 'cat', however, continued to advance with that ever-so cruel grin firmly upon her face until she came to a stop half a step from my desk, both hands resting behind her ample back. Her expression said that whatever was going to happen next, she was going to enjoy intensely. 

"A bit early for our one o'clock isn't it, Lavender?" I said, glancing at my watch with a nonchalant air. I wasn't going to let her get her way without a fight. 

"Actually, Chris," she spat my name venomously, "I'm here to inform you that you are to appear before the board in ten minutes, regarding this." She pulled a plain brown envelope from behind her back and slapped it on the desk with as much force as she could muster. I groaned. I knew it would catch up with me eventually. Her glee seemed to double as she noticed my reaction.

"Oh, thank you. Now, is that all?" I droned, trying my best to sound bored and uninterested. Her smile faltered somewhat, but then she turned on her heel and practically bounced out of the room. 

If she knew how damaging the documents she had given me were to both the company and everyone who worked for it, I doubt she would have found as much cheer after handing them to me.

So I had ten minutes. Not nearly enough time but, under the circumstances, it would have to do.

The End

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