A Switch Into Another World

"RUN JESSIE RUN!"  I screamed as I stared at the moving monstrosity. Jessie froze as the dark pool of death circled round her. The demonic thing got faster and faster and Violet, Rose, Antoinette and I didn't know what to do."HELP! PLEASE...I-I CANT RUN!" Cried Jessie with tears racing down her freckled pale face. All the girls looked at each other in shock and panic and without thinking I shut my eyes and grabbed Jessie's arm and ran.The sound of the shadows got stronger and stronger, closer and closer and I could feel that death was starting to appear. And then I herd a scream. I turned round and saw a dark haired girl in the distance. It was Violet. She had tripped on a rock and had injured herself. I carried on running but something happened.

The next thing I remember was that I was lying down. I could feel the coldness shiver down my back but I also felt unusual. Something had happened to me and how did I get from the forest to here?  I looked round and I was in a gloomy cave full of spider webs and darkness. I also realised that I wasn't alone. In a corner, there was something there. I couldn't see it but I could feel its beedy eyes watching me. I stared at the thing as it started to come into the light and it was horrible. It had grey, spiky hair, teeth as sharp as daggers and its eyes were a mix of red and yellow like the sun drenched in blood. 

The monster came closer and closer and as I looked into it's eyes, to my surprize, I could see sorrow and loneliness. I slowly walked towards the creature and I raised my hand to touch it's beastly face but it jolted away and ran through the wall of the cave. It just disappeared.I cautiously walked over to the place where the monster vanished and held my hand infront of the wall. I went to feel the wall but I didn't go through. I could only feel the coldness of the stone on my skin. I carried on trying to get through the wall but I knew in my head that it is impossible to go through a wall...but is it? I looked round for an exit of the cave and saw a narrow tunnel going into the distance. I tip-toed along the tunnel and then suddenly...

I was in another place.  I scanned the area of where I was and I realized that I , was laying down on school corridor. All the walls were painted black, the floor was checked black and red and there was painted skulls hanging as decoration. I paced down the corridor and a girl (with eyeliner covering her face and with hair dyed black) was sloched on the floor. "Hello??" I asked but she completely ignored me. "Hello?? Can you hear me? I just want to know where I am." She looked up.Her eyes were a whirlpoor of dark brown.

"Leave me alone!" She replied in a annoyed tone. She wore a ripped tie that wasn't tied properly, a shirt with red marks on it and her wrists were covered in scraches. "I just want to know where I am, What school am I at?" I pleaded to her as I croched down next to her, she said,
"Your at the St Christia Accadamy. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" She flung her hand out at me and I fired back. I then carried on walking down the corridor thinking where am I? How did I get here? Why do I keep on going to different places ? All these questions started to fill up my head but I tried to focus on getting back home to my friends and family. I then leaned on a door and... I was in a different place. How will I be able to get home??

The End

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