A Sweet Revenge

The Meo trudged along the barren sunburnt path.  His fury and urge for revenge had replaced his body's hunger and tiredness. His frail bod, now firm and upright, was no longer a dry patch of flesh. He took long strides, his fists clenched tight and a solemn look on his face.  
Caste bounders enagered him the most. Bloody Idiots. How can one be judged on his caste? 

Those damned brothers. He shouldn't have agreed on coming to the journey with them. After all, they had justed used him as a porter, much less a companion. From the minute the journey had begun, he had to carry the heaviest load, he had to consume the least supplies, he had to walk all day while those other gits sat luxoriously on camels. Why him? Cause he was a meo.
He had enough. An evil plan was up his sleeve, and if it worked all right then it would be a very very sweet revenge.

The meo had now entered a deserted alley. There were closed and abandoned stalls on each side, offering no comfort or hope for refreshment.  The alley stretched on endlessly, and in the distance, the meo spotted an open stall. He quickly clambered to it, hoping to find some dough.
A single shopkeeper stood behind the stall, with several cloth covered dishes in-front of him.

"My friend. Allah, the almighty will bless you! Sacred soul you are! What can you offer me to eat, dear lad? For I may drop dead anytime soon." blabbered the sly Meo.

"Sugar-encrusted and honey dipped clobs of wheat. They known as laddos. Ten Shillings each. How many you desire?"  muttered the shopkeeper, clearly stubborn and bored with crackling english.

"I'ell take all. And dear old brother, may I have the courtesy of a water-filled jug?" said the Meo.

"Fifty shilling each liter of water. I give you 5 liter. The ladoos cost 500 shillings. Total cost is 750 shillings. Give me coin." said the shopkeeper, happy to have earned his months revenue in a single day.

The meo knew that the shopkeeper was charging extra, but he let it pass. He had work to do. He handed the shopkeeper 1000 shillings and told him to keep the change. After all, it was the Ali brother's money.

The meo collected his parcel and walked till he was sure that no could see him. He then got to work.

First, he ate 40 ladoos out the 50 that were present. He then proceeded to drain half the jug of water. The meo was now refreshed and ready to work. He opened the packaging of the food and placed it flat on the ground, like a sheet of paper. He then took a handful of sand to put on the sheet, and poured the other half a of the water on it. Then, carefully, he made multiple blobs of the mud, each one of a common size, held together by the water. Each of them resembled a shape of the ladoo. Soon he had 4o mud-made ladoos and 10 real ladoos. He kept aside the real ones and packed the artifical blobs of mud. These were for the two cunning brothers. 

Once he was completely sure that his job was done well, he thrust his hand deep
inside the loin cloth rounded around his legs.  Soon, his hand felt the elliptical vial, and he quickly fished it out. The vial contained poison from a desert snake, which the Meo had courageously slayed. He had hoped to sell the poison for some shillings but he had now find an alternate use. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching and slipped the vial's contents into the remaining ten, real ladoos. The old and famishing Ali was to consume them. He quickly packed them.
His work was done. The Meo got up, assembled his parcel and walked towards the old Oak tree.

The End

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