A suprising move...

When the family is preparing for the move, the two older kids, Louange and Elogio, go out for a walk. They find two kids sitting on the grass. They start a conversation...

Mom!! Dad!! Come!!


  The five kids in our family were preparing to move to our new house. The new house would be much smaller, which meant less space, and less junk for the three younger kids. Especially for Lode, being the youngest, his room is full of junk, which he calls treasure. Everywhere you look, which ever direction, you will see junk. And junk as in empty toilet paper cores, torn books, and things like broken toys that can never be fixed.



   Berom, in the middle of being messy and neat, his table is full of scrap pieces of paper. On the other hand, his cupboard is neat and tidy; the books are about the same height, and width. Everything fits perfectly in his cupboards, but not and never on his table.


  Kiitosta, the youngest girl, seven years old, wants to be the most famous actress when she grows up. Adding on to that, her room is all pink, pink, pink, and more pink. She's kind, and pretty, but she can sometimes be a little bit girly- girl or arrogant and show- off.


  Setting a very good example for the three younger kids, Louange is the oldest of the boys. He knows what is right and what is wrong. He is very kind, and helps others no matter which position they are in. Louange is smart: he studies well, getting an A or A+ in tests and exams; and he won't waste away his money on random items, but save it up for charity or to give back to our parents.


  As for me, I'm 18 years old, and the oldest of the kids. I'm rarely at home during the day due to the fact that I'm out with friends shopping, or studying somewhere else. I could say that I set a good example for the little kids, and that's only if you take out the ‘rarely at home' part.


  In our family, the three younger kids bring the most trouble to the family, not just for Mom and Dad, it's for me and Louange too. And now that we are packing to move, the three younger kids have a hard time packing up, due to the junk in their rooms.


  Dad has been running from room to room, excluding me and Lounge's rooms, catching items that the kids drop due to carelessness. What's more, the items are breakable.


  Mom, is doing the same thing, just that she is carrying a dustbin with her, and picking up non- breakable junk, like scrap pieces of paper.


  Our parents are going crazy from all the noise and they don't even have time to pack their own stuff. But, Louange and I are sensible enough to go and help. Since we are done packing our stuff, it would be very nice to help our parents.


  I packed all of Mom's stuff, which includes clothes, accessories, make- up, and so on. And Louange packed all of Dad's stuff, all his clothes, electronic appliances, toiletries, and some of his smaller instruments.


  By quarter past one in the afternoon, we were done packing both our stuff and our parent's stuff. Yet, still, the three younger kids are still not done with packing their stuff. Not even one of them was done.


  Louange and I were tired and sick of the hustle and bustle on the second floor. We decided that we get some fresh air outside, and have a good look at the compound before leaving the next day.


  We were walking along the lane outside our house, talking about school, sharing some of our little problems, and we discussed a little ‘plan' that we would follow when we get to the new house.


  While we were walking outside the third house from the left of our house, we heard a scream from the house in front of us. Following the scream, were two kids, a boy and a girl, who looked like the age of Kiitosta and Berom, running out of the house.


  The two kids ran ahead of us, then turned the corner and vanished from our sight. We were curious and followed them. We turned the corner and found the two kids sitting on the grass, looking very frightened.


  I bent down and started the conversation. "Hi! I'm Elogio, what are your names?" I asked. The girl, who looked older, answered in a very frightened voice: "I'm... I'm... Vinur, and he... he... is Venn."


  Louange, curious, asked the two kids: "Do you know what just happened?" The boy, Venn, answered: "Our parents went out, and when they came back, it was another two people, who we think are thieves, who came and greeted us at our door." "We were very scared so we screamed and ran out of the door," Vinur added on.


  Louange and I, feeling sad for the two kids who just lost their parents, sat beside each kid, and cheered them up with encouraging words. Venn and Vinur said that they would never like to return to that house with the theives in there.


  I thought of an idea that they could follow us back and stay with us. The two siblings were more than happy when they heard my invitation. Overjoyed, they agreed and the four of us headed back.


  At the door, Mom was curious about Vinur and Venn. We all sat at the living room to explain to our parents who Venn and Vinur are, and why they are here.


  Mom felt bad for the two kids, and agreed to keep them with us for now, and maybe for their life. When the explanation was over, Mom and Dad continued to help the three younger kids' pack, while the four of us got to know each other more, and more.


  The next day was the day that we would move from this four level house to a two level house. It may seem not much a big difference, but it is a big difference. I'm going to have my own room, Louange will have his own room too, and the three younger kids will have to get along together and share a room. Venn would bunk in with Louange, and Vinur will bunk in with me.


  The movers came early that morning, and had a hard time moving our things into the truck and into the new house. We had one and a half trucks filled with our stuff. Kiitosta was making a fuss about having to share a room with the two other boys. She was complaining the whole day which kept Louange, Venn, Vinur, and I out of the house after unpacking our own stuff.


  We explored the new compound and had lots of fun cycling around and playing at the ‘mini- Park'. At about half past four, we came back home for a good shower, followed by a delicious dinner at the nearby ‘All- American' restaurant.


  For the past weeks, we have been bringing the two kids out to shop for clothes and accesories. Months and months have gone by; Venn and Vinur are fitting well in the family. Venn sticks with Louange, sometimes Berom though. Vinur mostly sticks with me, and I'm fine with it, she's a really nice girl.


  On this day, the seventh of December 2009, the day I will always remember, Venn and Vinur called Mom, ‘mom', and Dad, ‘dad'. This is the day that we called ourselves family.

The End

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