description in her eyes...

      Sitting in her house with her were Ryan and Alex who had not changed at all still hot as ever. Ryan, tall, skinny, black hair covered most of his beautifully carved face, purple skinnies,his choice, and his blood red shirt covered his what could have easily been mistaken as a 8 pack.

       Alex still had his blond hair, still taller than I by almost a foot, he was envied by other guys. He was also slender. Ryan had helped me carry Alex back to my guest room which consisted of a king sized bed and a bathroom with a shower. Alex had been slit carefully up and down his arms not to kill but intend pain.His face had been beaten severely. Ryan and I talked in the living room for hours about this supposed party.

        Ryan continued on for hours until I was about to doze off and I suddenly heard  "I love you." What? Is all I could say to him I was confused he repeated "I think I love you..." I thought he was joking but he was not kidding. HE actually liked ME???? How could this be, in our old school I was a nobody and I'm still a nobody. His head shot up "your not a nobody, your a somebody and you're everything to me." I was in total utter shock. I could not belive this. I loved him to but I was affraid to speak to him with all of his friends around him 24/7.



The End

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