a supernatural romance

This story is about a young woman named Lydia. She went to a party and woke up in a strange house with an old friend chained up in a corner. now her and her friends have to survive a zombie invasion type of thing while a shyco murder is on the loose. He's hunting for her and her boyfriend for a special reason...

        What the hell happened? Where am I? Why am I strapped to a bed? Who did this? As I try to loosen my feet I fear someone's watching so I laid there waiting for my demise. In the corner I heard some noise suddenly the person stands up its...its...Alex ?!?! I screamed seeing him all covered in blood, his shirt has been torn down the sides, and at just the thought of what might of happened to him I began to feel tears streaming down my cheeks.

        His head rose to say my name and that's when I realized that I truly wanted him but he was taken. He once again began to speak "Where is everyone?" I had no idea what he was talking about. He was insisting that we were at a party until there were police and evacuation busses everywhere carrying people away but we were kidnapped ,sort of. We were to be tortured along with another person but he was nowhere sight. I couldn't help but think about whom it could be...

        SLAM. the door flew open...Ryan!!!!! why where all my old crushes here? Then from the back room a crazy man thing popped out he bellowed at Ryan ho we'd you unlatch your self? Suddenly he lunged at Ryan with a dagger in his right hand right through his left shoulder. i screamed ,as if it would help, Ryan stumbled backwards but regained his strength and turned the dagger towards his attacker "you bastered, how did you ever think you could stop me from saving her?"

         I couldn't help but cry at his words how did he find me why did he care about me i was useless to most other than my family and friends but to him i had no idea. The dagger had to have killed the attacker. I was released i hadn't realized how beautiful he seemed until he came to my i mean our rescue... Alex was unlatched and could barely walk due to his previous torture Ryan had mixed a drink to take the pain away.

The End

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