A Super-Humans Guide To Stopping A Falling Star

Quick short story/essay. Just for fun. Explains, step by step, how to stop a falling star.

         In this modern age, it is very important for all super-humans to know every step for stopping a falling star. Knowing how to stop a falling star is as important as knowing how to talk is for humans.  Strength, stance, and bravery are all necessary if you wish to accomplish this physically grueling and painful task.

                Strength is one of the very most important attributes for stopping stars. Strength, especially in your arms and legs, will help for slowing down the star. Also, when the time comes, your strength will be essential for tossing the star into the sky, away from our very fragile planet. To build strength, you can take a trip to Alberta’s “Strength Building Camp for Super-Humans”. There you will gain muscle by moving mountains to the side of the province, into The North, into British Columbia, or even into the states. Your hard work will be named “The Rocky Mountains” upon completion.

                A strong, sturdy stance will also be needed for stopping these heavy stars. Stars are known to be very heavy, and being one of the largest things in the universe, it is clear why. So, to stop them, you must be prepared by following these simple steps:

1. Plant your feet at least 4 feet into the ground.

2. Bend your knees.

3. Flex your leg and back muscles.

4. Raise your arms high above your head.

5. Look straight ahead, never look directly at the star or it will burn your eyes out.

                Bravery, a word commonly associated with Super-Humans, and for a good reason. Bravery is not only good, but it is definitely necessary for the tasked you will perform. For this task in particular, if you cannot be brave, everyone will die. Never run away from this task, no matter how scared you are. If you do not think you could handle the fear, do not accept the task and allow a more experienced Super-Human to do it for you. Of course it may and will affect your reputation, you will be given another chance and at least you and everyone else will survive. Running away gives the star a chance to destroy the planet. If you run away, more than your reputation and status of “Super-Human” is ruined, the whole planet will crumble into millions of tiny pieces. Every human and Super-Human alike will die because of your foolish actions!

So, if you think about it, you really have the chance to be known as a hero, or be the ultimate cause of the end of our precious world. In this modern age, all of the steps (Strength, Stance, and Bravery) will be necessary. If you fail with even one, everyone including you, will die a quick and lightning fast death by an explosion of a star and planet colliding. So I finish this guide with a few last words that you must never forget: Be a hero if you can and if you cannot, don’t kill us all with your stupid pride!

The End

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