Supergirl was making her way back across town to the law offices of Levitt and Lee. Spiderman was being sued.

He was waiting inside her office and told his story. He had been working at an advertising agency for several years and had recently become an overnight success, landing several  nation-wide campaigns. His latest artwork, however, was being analyzed for copyright infringement.

Nodding, Supergirl said she would look over the case and get back to him the next day. Spiderman thanked her and left. Looking over her desk, Supergirl found a new file. It hadn’t been there when she had left that morning. Flipping it open, she found it was a malpractice suit against a doctor at United Hospital. 

When the very same file landed on his desk the following morning, Flash almost halted. The lawyers of Green Lantern were pressing malpractice charges against him for the injuries Lantern sustained during surgery. Carrying the file, Flash made his way quickly across the hall to a friend’s office. He stopped at the door. Supergirl was inside. She was upset.

The End

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