Chapter 6: Watching your life fall apart.

I woke up the sound of shuffling. When i came around i went into the kitchen and got the litter and carried it out too the hallway to get to the lift. As i was going towards the lift a familiar figure came across my sight. Luke. I jumped in the lift but he was to quick he wedged hes arm in the door and it flung open. "Hiya Ally, can you tell your sister that im sorry about last night, i was drunk and i didn't know what i was doing." "Yeh well it sounded like you did to me." i snapped. He grabbed my arm and stared at me with his bloodshot eyes "Listen brat, i dont have to listen to you, i want your sister so she has to take me back, if she dosent, i will come after her. UNDERSTAND." "I UNDERSTAND you need some toothpaste" That was it. He pulled me out the lift and through me againt the wall "NOW LISTEN TO ME! I AM GOING TO HAVE YOUR SISTER BACK WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" I could feel blood dripping down from my nose. I gave up. "fine i'll tell her..." "GOOD! ill be back in two days to get your sister so we can move into our own home. UNDERSTAND!" "...yes" "Good, laters brat" he stormed of down the stais leaving me by myself. Defeated.

The End

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