Chapter 5: Clouds that cover your lucky star.

By the time i was almost driffting off my sister came through the door. Scared. All here clothes were torn, her make-up smudges and her handbag gone. "JO! WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND!" I screamed so loud the neighbours dog started barking. "...nothing now go back to bed Ally... TRUST me im fine" she calmy spoke "You dont look it" "Its fine i got into a bit of a huffle down at the pub but its fine... now we dont need to tell mum she excited on moving in with her boyfriend Mark and we dont need to ruien it do we?... DO WE?!" "No ... sorry ... do you want anything a tea, coffee?" "No i'll do it you go to bed its 3 in the morning you get some rest for tommorrow..." i finally has enough confidence to say the most hurrendus thing to do with a girls life "Jo... its not Luke is it?"


Luke is my sisters ex boyfriend who constantly looks for trouble. Hes been in Juevy four times and bail three, Luke is trouble with a capital T. My sister is a sweet girl but can get sucked back into the bad ways of Luke Macoll. "NO! ALLY YOU KNOW I GOT RID OF HIM AGES AGO!" "yes but jo... he knows where you hangout so he didnt come up to you did he? You know to hangout at other place after last time!" Jo looks angry now, but then just stops and i see a small tear run down her cheek. Little sisters should never see their 18 year old sister cry ,they are there to cry on. I could then tell something was wrong. She then sat down on the couch and started to explain that Luke and his gang came back and she was getting threated that if she didnt do 'it' with Luke the would kill her. "Millie rang the police and i just ran in the pub to hide. Bad idea" She told me that Lukes gang trashed the pub but as soon as he gabbed Jo she punched him and ran. When she turned around she saw Luke in handcuffs. My big sisters strong, but Lukes stronger. "Don't worry Jo were moving tomorrow, you can forget about him, don't put anything on Facebook about the move, i'll tell Meaghan the same" I calmy told her "You know Ally for a younger sister, your the strongest one here" I sent her to bed and i drifted off an hour later.

The End

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