Chapter 4: Stars that don't let you down.

I stood there. Amazed that my little wish had actully happend! "So what do you think?!" "YES... YES LETS MOVE!" i jumped onto my mum and almost nocked the juice of the coffe the table. Meaghan started to dance like a loon but there was someone missing. Jo. My older sister can be upset by the slighted thing but then again, she practiclly brought me up when my mum was at work almost everyday. She was the one that helped my mum get over Dad and ...even me.  When i was bullied at school she'd always be the one that helped me sort it. Latley shes been getting moodier i don't meen teenage moody i meen scary moody. She came home at 1 am two nights ago with cuts and bruses but refused to talk about it, but nothing can spoil my mums mood so i turn up the radio and open a bottle of fanta. We party into the night until my mum gets tired and goes to bed. Meaghan isnt far behing but i find myself at 1 in the moring collasped on the couch in the living room. When i can hear something jangaling in the keyhole...

The End

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