Chapter 3: Fridays Dusk can be Magical...

I stood there alone for what felt like an hour until Meaghan came out and look around. "Where is everyone and ... wait are you crying?!" "Rigina... Thats it just her! She showed up and took everyone and left me standing humilated... Even the D.J LEFT!" I could tell she was going to try and help me but she knew that this situation was to hard for a best friend to solve on her own.  "Lets go home Ally ok?."i nodded in the desserted hall. Meaghan called her aunt who agreed to clean up, we gave her the keys and walked home the the friday night dusk.  We heard the booming from Riginas mansion, She saw us walking down the street and pointed the empty vodka bottle at us and laughed. She was completly wasted, but still cruel. We got home and my mum sat there with all the suitcases and looked up at me "Meeha... You know have i havent given you a gift for quite sometime now well ... thats all for a good reason ive cleared it with your sister... and well WHERE MOVING TO DOCK SWANLEY!"

The End

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