Chapter 2: Hope comes crashing down...

My 13th birthday was a total disaster. The first 2 hours were amazing! There was no fights, no univted guests showing up just me, my friends and all my year... well that was until there was a door flung open. Rigina. Even her name can turn milk sour. 'Well hi there, didnt know your nerd posses was having a dragons and dungeons game' Her posse laughed. I stood still. Scared. 'So everyone here if you dont want to die of bordem, i sugest you come to my party over in the next block to avoid friday night blues'. Everyone got up and left.  'oh and happy birthday.' she through my best friends necklace i got her in year 2 for her birthday on the floor. A single tear ran down my cheek. I stood there alone. Wishing for another chance in life. I should know by know. Wishing on a star, will never work.

The End

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