A summer of Love, Friends and Fairy Tales.

This story is about a girl living an ordinary life. The on her 13th birthday something un ordinary happends, she moves into a small beach town near somerset. She must decide is friendship worth losing love?

And they live happily ever after... i wish my life was a fairy tale, my life if the total oppersite. I live on the 8th floor in Pine Towers in the middle of Leeds. My mum and dad are divorced and I live with my mum, sister and best friend. My best friend Meaghan lives with us as her mother and father couldn't deiced who to have her and as we were close to the family, my mum became her legal guardian. I am a quater spanish can speak french and spanish fluently and my 13th birthday is in 2 days. I have blue and green eyes (they switch every season) i have long wavey chesnut hair and im 5 foot 12. Which im quite proud of but not everyone treats me nicely, they treat me like a freak... and sometimes i belive them....

The End

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