A Summer Adventure in Marine Cove

The shrill ring of the hundred year old school bell announces the start of the
summer holidays. At the sound, an air of excitement fills the corridors of
Acorn Primary School as delighted children are dismissed from their classrooms.
As weary teachers breathe a sigh of relief, the children head for the main
school gate overjoyed at the thought of a wonderful one month holiday. 

“School is out at last,” calls Jane Cooper as she spots her twin brother, Josh, waiting
in the cool shade of the Oak tree at the bottom of the school yard. His ginger
hair tousled and school tie crooked. “Even on the last day of school you take your time, Miss Goody Two-Shoes!” Josh fondly teases his sister.

The eleven year old twins start their short walk home, chatting excitedly about the
seaside holiday that the Cooper family will be going on the following day. Before
long, the familiar barking of the family’s Terrier welcomes them home and from
the open front door comes the smell of mom’s homemade baking especially
prepared for the holiday. The rest of the afternoon hurries by with the Coopers
making the final preparations for the road trip to Marine Cove.

That night, the twins lie in bed, unable to sleep; each occupied with their own thoughts of what the holiday might bring. Little did Josh and Jane know that an adventure beyond their wildest dreams lay in store for them in Marine Cove.

The End

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