Chapter One: it's all in the Little Things

It was an insignificant thing, a small thing. A thoughtless action, really.

It was a grapefruit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not all it was. Maybe it would be better to say that it started with a grapefruit. Just your average, not-quite-ripe, grown in California ruby red grapefruit.

But she dropped it.

And I saw her drop it.

So I picked it up, and gave it to her along with a smile.

She kept the grapefruit, but returned the smile.

And that’s when the something small became something more: something that flittered and fluttered inside of me. No, it wasn’t that queasy sensation that tells you you’ve fallen into lust. No, not that.

She was almost eighty, for one.

But it made me feel light, like I was floating mere millimetres from the ground in the middle of the produce department. It was the way she smiled, coupled with the most sincere ‘thank-you’ I have ever heard.

All because of an out-of-season grapefruit.

My eyes closed for a moment: that stereotypical moment of elation and fullness. My breath filled me for those few seconds, and I could feel the oxygen creeping through my blood, refreshing me.

I opened them and she was gone, faded into a nonexistent crowd.

My over-active imagination pinned her as an angel, sent to test me. A test I had passed, if my euphoric feelings were to be trusted. And at this, I laughed.

I’m going to heaven because of a grapefruit.

The End

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