A Study Into the Human Experience

How do you feel? How do people feel about you?

The idea of this collab is to tell about something and express the emotion that was intertwined with the event. The whole idea is not to focus what happened, but how you or a character  might feel about it. A story might have very few details, but still be powerful on a more human level. Some of the most popular stories in the world don't go too deep into to detail. When you read them, however, you come to realize that the whole idea was to convey a message and giving detail would detract from the overall picture.

The Guidelines:

1. Each chapter must be self contained, although it can be as long as the author wishes to make it. 

2. The story can be on any subject the author chooses as long as it isn't too inappropriate. I don't plan on this being mature.

3. Give feedback! Everyone likes to know how they're doing, especially when it comes to creating realistic emotions for characters.

4. Since this collab will be all over the place as far as organization goes, label your chapters as such:

Chapter (number of chapter here): The Title of Choice for Your Story


Have fun!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: it's all in the Little Things

Chapter 2: She

The End

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