I came from Italicism.

I originated from the MSN conversations with 17Abbi, where I would say something silly, something ridiculous, and probably something filled with innuendo...

And she would miss the point.

Which was infuriating for me, because when I was being genuinely sweet and probably heartfelt... she'd take it the wrong way and I'd be stuck in it. Because it'd be extremely awkward and stupidly ridiculous.

We genuinely fell about "lol'ing" through it.

Then... there was the confusion you get when you see menus, among other things, translated from whatever language they're in... into English. Usually, it was hilarious - and when we looked at it in English Language, in our first couple of weeks?

Well, Everything got LostMidTranslation, didn't it?

... Well, at least... that's my story, and I'm sticking To it =P


The End

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