My name is Maria, and I like the sound of it now, but I didn't always like my name. I have very few fading memories of my younger years, but I do remember, for whatever reason, trying to come up with a new, pretty name. (I still like to make up names...)  My favourite letter was L because it looked really pretty in handwriting. And somehow Larina was born.
      I remember telling my mom that I had made up the name, and then she showed me a book with the same title... So, despite the fact that Larina is a real name, I still made it up :)
     I can make all sorts of connections now, for example, "N" is the initial letter of my last name, and my grandmother's name is Katharina.

     But more imporantly, Larina is whoever I want/need her to be. When I feel like Maria is not special or beautiful enough, I can always be Larina. My usernames often have something about butterflies etc, but especially on protagonize, I wanted my stories to be judged for what they were, not for their author, so I used a simple, totally ambiguous name so that I could be whatever my readers wanted me to be, yet still represent myself fully. Now that I've been on for a while, I realize that it's the authors that make the site, not just the stories, so that's why I'm telling my story...
Thanks for reading!


The End

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