GoldenLilac isn't a  very original name. It came from Golden, a word that I like (Gold isn't even my favourite colour!) because it means (to me) winning a gold medal. As in, being the best. I'm not the most humble person in the world. I love Lilacs, and at the time I joined Protagonize the Lilacs at my house were in full bloom. They smell nice too. GoldenLilac just was a combination of my favourite things in life, though I don't think it reflects my personality. Well, I think I would rather be known as GoldenLilac than CrazyChickenGirl, the name that seems more like me. Seriously, I was thinking of using CrazyChickenGirl. Well, put something together and hope people think I don't sound crazy. That was my view when I chose GoldenLilac. I think it worked.

The End

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