The name Avariel came from Dungeons & Dragons - no lie. Back in the days of my Neverwinter Nights obsession, I downloaded an add-on for the game that added new characters to play with - one of them being an Avariel. I liked the name and ended up "borrowing" it.

Avariel's first appearance in my writings and imagination was in 2005. At first, she was the other-half of Willy Wonka - essentially, Willy Wonka had been turned female and Avariel was the result of it. 

As time went on, Avariel became a full character on her own. 

Around the same time, I started using the name Avariel as my MSN Messenger nickname. 

Soon, I got used to the name and it made its appearance on my Deviantart page, my Livejournal and most other websites. 

Recently I added the name Avariel to my Facebook page - which confused some people. 

Well, in summary, Avariel started out as a minor character who worked her way through my imagination to became almost like an alter-persona.

The End

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