Mistress Elsha Hawk

When I first stumbled upon my first writing site and decided to join, I sat and pondered what my penname would be.

I had, in the past, played a little game called World or Warcraft with some friends and my husband. Connected via headsets and a little program called Team Speak, I grew used to being called Elsha. (As in, "Elsha GET BEHIND ME! You'll pull AGGRO!") See, my night elf was named Elshakallai, which was much too hard to say, so the 'guild' shortened it to Elsha.

To maintain an air of mystique I wanted surrounding me as an anonymous contributor to this writing site (I thought my entries would surely flop) I decided to use Elsha as part of my penname. But what else? It needed something more.

I had also, in the past, used the name HawkMistress, based on the book of the same name by Marion Zimmer Bradley (yes this author is inspirational again!) as my chat name. So I combined Elsha with HawkMistress, but didn't like the flow of that. So I took off the Mistress and added it to the front, making it Mistress Elsha Hawk.

This was perfect! It sounded slightly medieval, commanded respect ("Mistress, that was a wonderful story!"), and also made people wonder what kind of person would call herself 'Mistress'. (Who indeed?)

By the time I joined Protag, I was part of a group of writers who had become friends. I decided to drop the whole 'Mistress' thing and be a little bit more me.

The change was rocky, and I have to admit the stories I have written here are not my best. I haven't even been as active lately with my new job, but I do get on and read as well as follow on Twitter.

I guess this is where I vow to write more often to let more of you get to know me! Well, summer break is coming!


The End

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