The orgins of my pen name is rather boring but I'll tell you anyway in case your curious. A year a ago around the same time of year my friend Nathan had gotten a fire pit. He dragged us all outside to sit around the fire pit. His fiance (now wife) Cindy pouted and complained about the mosquito's. They did eat us alive but Nathan insisted we stay outside. So we sprayed on some deet and bared the little vampires. Accross the fire pit there was a stoner guy who was trying to recall my name. He said "Don't tell me. It's a bird....Bluejay! Bluejay right! " My name is Robin. But unfortuately from that day forward I was known as Bluejay.

The story of my Middle name is much more interesting. My middle name is Elinar. My Grandmother says her mother was infatuated with Eleanor Roosevelt. So she gave her daughter ( my grandmother) the danish version of Eleanor. My step mother says no that never happened. She says someone F***** up the spelling of Eleanor on my birth certificate and my parents didn't bother changing it because they actually liked the sound of Elinar. They thought it was unique. If anyone knows if Elinar actually is the danish version of Eleanor please let me know. I don't really care either way. I've been Robin Elinar for 24 years I wouldn't really want to be anything else.

The End

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