Well, mine isn't a very interesting tale to tell, seeing as my pen name is half a shortened form of my real name and you can probably guess what the other half is referring to :D But I feel like rambling, so here we go...

Ok well first of all, my name being Roseanna; I do really like my name as it's pretty unique (a pain for people to spell though: "yes there is an 'e' in it, no not Roseanne...and yes, Cooke with an 'e' "... you wouldn't believe the frustration.) It was then easier for my friends just to call me Rose, which i like :)

And then, the proudness of my redhead-ness which simply gives you what you see now! I don't really mind that it's not a very cryptic or interesting pen name, cos well, it's me! And I don't think I could ever be anything other than me really.

And just for rambling's sake, the rather lame typographical representation of a rose that i put at the end of my comments derived from the fact that I do it on paper when I'm siging most things, like letters or cards. Somehow conveys a little of my artistic flare ;)

So there you have it.

(A random tidbit: one of my rather more eccentric friends one day called me "Rose Pose the Garden Hose", because I'm quite tall and skinny. I still find that name rather amusing,..maybe I'll use it online one day!) Other nicknames include: Pose, Rosebud, Rosie, RoseyPosey, Red, RoseGannow(one of my dad's awful concoctions)


Rose @>}------

The End

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