Druid to the Children of the X

Now I know I haven't been as active in this community as I should have, but with an eye for that to change, I figured I may as well share my tale.

Gather now for a tale of times past, of girls becoming young women, and those magic flights of fancy no doubt we all must pass thought.

It is a cool, clear night. The stars shine down on a small camp, not far from Scotland – the Scotland of the Dorset coast, that is. A bright fire adorns the centre of this small camp, and around it, basking in the glowing warmth, sit five girls. They rang in age from twelve to fourteen, and as girls are wont to do they chat and giggle. But if you listen closer you hear they are talking about a TV show, called The X-Files. Mostly they are discussing the attributes of one David Duchovny, but that's not so important. As they sit, another figure joins them. She wears a large poncho style blanket, and carries a stave of wood that she uses to support the subtle limp she has a acquired over the day's trekking.

The newcomer find a place by the fire and looks at her fellows. “What are we talking about?”
“The X-Files,” she is informed.
“You know,” says another, “we should start a club or something since we all like the X-Files so much.”
“But what would be call it?”
“The children of the X,” says the oldest. “And we should each have titles.” All the girls from thinking.
“I, of course, would be the Leader of the X.” This again comes from the oldest. She continues, pointing at the newcomer, “That blanket and staff make you look like some soft of druid, you know. You shall be the Druid to the Children of the X”
“Or DruidX, for short,” says another. As the names flow through the air, the newly anointed one sits back. Something in the name appeals to her sense of mysticism. When she returns to civilization the young woman has the title inscribed on her blanket, so as to never forget.

Many years [or so it seems] pass and the internet begins to filter into homes across the country. She is lucky – one of the first to get it thanks to telecommunications connection in the past, and a pushy brother who can convince their parents that the new tech is a good idea. Soon said brother is setting her up with an e-mail account, and tells her she needs something called a 'handle'. At first she has no ideas, but he reminds her of that more whimsical time and DruidX is born.

Of course it's been lengthened, shortened and had numbers added as necessary [apparently it's quite popular], but I've been using it for nigh on 10 years now. When I signed up to protagonise it just seemed natural for me to use it here as well.

The End

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