My name isn`t Cassandra in real live.

It was a choice of paying tribute to a daughter i shall never have.

 In my life I have done some serious choices.One concerns the reason why I use Cassandra as a pen name.

My two sons are autistics.Sowhile the second pregnancy was taking its natural course I spend a few need it hours asking unconfortable question to my G.P(general practionner-Doctor for you out there who are not in the U.K),and the sad truth is that the changes of my second child be born with autism was quite high,in fact it was above 85%,a third child was there and then complity erase from my whishes as a mother.

Don`t get me wrong in my life there is nothing I have done so far that makes me more proud that those two young men.

They are everything for me.But my heart could not take going trough the same process again.Both are extremely demanding.

And I love them equally but with the birth of Lucas(my youngest),I chose to stop at two and let just be him and Micael(my eldest).

So at that time I gave birth and got sterilised.

A few years after when by accident this web site came on display at  a page at facebook.I followed the link and came across this place here.

The decision to start an account and write was immmediate.

And when asked for a pen name how could I not name my little girl I would never hold under my heart and  in myself ?

So,here it is that is the reason being the name.

I always loved Cassandra for a girl,in fact when blue calls me on any of you: Cass or Cassey.

 I can almost see a little version of me running in pure mischief...

Maybe not my best decision so far,but never the less Cassandra is here.

The End

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