Well, My last name is Sylvestre.

So, people call me sly.



Hah, actually I'm extremely long winded so I can't possibly be done at that. Although that is the truth of it. But I might as well go along with Chelle and talk about all the other names I used to have (and in some cases still do have)

I've been a fiend of the internet for as long as I can remember, and for the longest time I used the net name Jaideska. It was inspired by an anime, a lot like the other name I used a lot which is "Last Exile Luciola" sometimes only "Exile" or "Luciola" I still use those a lot in the video gaming world. Again, anime inspired.

One that wasn't anime inspired was Gunslinger, which is what I used about 5 years ago for gaming, was inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

When I was in my early teens and was struck by reality in that most life defnining depressing way that most kids exerience, I natrually got really dark, and named myself Ethad, an annagram for Death, that was around for a long time, and actually it was the name used in the story Dreamers that I have been posting lately, which is one of the very first stories I've ever written. I've changed the main characters name though, as I edit, to Ethan, since I find annagrams are kind of lame.

I've been getting closer to being "myself" even on the internet lately, which is why I chose to use Sly. Most of the areas in my life where I use a nickname are now using Sly.

At work people call me Sly, my paintball jersy says Sly on it, etc.

It's just closer to reality. I find I've avoided reality enough in my youth. I should try and embrace it a little more now.

The End

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