Ahh where did this one come from?  Well for starters, I've always hated my name.

How does a half Dutch half Greek kid get a totally French name?  Rachelle Nicole... what the heck?!

Ever since I very first started school I've called myself something other than my real name.  Even on my profile my real name is listed as "Chelle" not Rachelle.  Each name that I've been known by has represented a part of my life with increasing significance as I get older.

In grade 3 I was Penny... It just seemed right!  Then for most of middle school I was Cat.  Blame "10 Things I Hate About You" for that one,  Both my sisters said I reminded them of her.

Then in highschool I became Snails.  A nickname that has stuck with me through most of my life.  Given to me by the first guy I ever seriously had a crush on, he had red eyes, and he was cute!  Alas, I digress.  For most of highschool my friends did not actually know what my real name was.  They'd introduce me to their parents like "Hey this is Snails."  To me that was the epitome of a nickname.

With my introduction to the, shall we say, darker side of religion my name was first SororMystica and then just Mystica.  In tangent with that I also became known as Shalymar.

Then, after some pretty big life-altering stuff I wanted to put all the past behind me.  By now I was on the net alot so, obviously, I needed a new nick.  

So now, I go by Asheyna.  I'm honestly not certain where it comes from other than me sitting there one day letting all the cool names I've read sift through my head until I settled on this one which is probably a combination of a number of different names.

Maybe I just like the mystery of acting out from behind a name which is not my own.  Maybe, and probably more to the point, at 25 I'm still not 100% sure of who I am (but isn't that the purpose to living?)

There you have it.  The many names and faces of Asheyna.  One last interesting fact to close.  If you type in "Asheyna" in Google, my protag profile is the first hit that comes up :D

The End

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