Ok... well, 'Miele' can be many things. Firstly, lets just ensure everyone can say the bloody thing.


You've no idea how annoying/irritable/painful it is to have to go through highschool and college with teachers who, despite their degrees and intelligence (granted not all have the latter), cannot pronounce that nectary substance.

Oh, Miele means Honey in Italian. It is also my last name, thanks to my Italian father. Ah, and though this has nothing to do with me, or my family, or anyone I know, Miele is also the name of a manufactoring company in German. My name resides on washingmachines, hoovers, cookers etc etc

Even after I'd explained to my teachers the correct way to pronounce the name, due to idiocy or pure indifference (and, I am assuming the latter), they didn't take any notice. My peers had no problem, to the point where it would be the norm for me to walk around for a week without hearing my firstname! So, I had many versions of mu surname/nickname floating around school and, most notiably, my football team.

MEE-LIA -  (My football managers favorite = I told him, time and time again, but he just kept calling me it - granted it may have just been to make the other lads laugh, as they did, constantly!)

Now, I just sign off M.


The End

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