Where does this odd name come from? Is it from Star Trek with the no-fun Spock? No, well, kinda no, kinda yes. To be truthful, we must go back to my childhood back in Kentuckeh (Hehe)

Back in the olden golden hills of Kentuckeh, I was allowed to get a dog sometime around the age of 3 or 4 (Can't remember as it was too long ago) When bringing the brute of a dog home, I was honored to name it. What to call it, what to call this curious fur ball, about thigh high now to me? Well, I blurbed something out that had stuck in my head from watching Star Trek with my father, who is a fan of both Trek and Star Wars (He has been to all 6 movie releases). That word was to ever stick: Spock.

Now to the present. A few years back when I got an Xbox live account I picked the name Spocky to be the base name. But that was too bland for me. I needed a bit of spice to it. So I picked 730, the time I got up on that day and thus, for my fellow RMC clan members and others around the Live world I have terrorised, it has stuck as Spocky730.

Going forward again to about last week this day, I was sitting beside my English teacher who also heads the Writer's Club, a group that writes stories and poetry and other works and posts them on their own webpages. A libarian passed us and told us about this web site. I was immediatly thrown into the fire and told to expirment. This webpage hasn't been the same since.

However, Spocky730 had been used so much, I needed a smaller name that stuck better. So I varied it: Spockeh.

Tada! There's the exciting how-to on how to get a pen name from a dog, Star Trek and Xbox Live.

The End

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