Well, darkliquid, eh? What's that all about?

To be perfectly honest, I don't really know. In fact, I'm not even that bothered about keeping my real name private, as evidenced by my profile page, so why the name at all?

I'm not sure in that I can't really remember, my memory being what it is, so bear with me as this story has probably changed a hundred times already over the years as bits have been forgotten, replaced and/or embellished.

I've always been a geek. Since I started programming in BASIC on the old Amstrad 464 CPC (a beast of machine with a great big green-screen monitor) at the ripe old age of 5 years old, silicon has been in my blood. Back then I had a cool game, the name of which I don't remember, but it revolved around cracking into robots and security cameras for some reason I can't recall, which got me interested in the whole hackers/crackers/phreakers thing.

Then I saw the movie Wargames. Wow!

There was this whole other world out there amongst the wires. Dialling into computers across the world and bending them to your will. All these magical people out there sounded so amazing with their secret names and arcane powers over the world of the digital. As a kid, I just had to be one of them and that meant I needed a new name like these faceless heroes I worshiped.

Another of my loves at the time was Ghostbusters. As small boys are want to do, I was interested in all things gross and icky. Ghostbusters filled that niche quite nicely with all it's slime and ectoplasm. I'd come across a few words for these things, the most often heard was 'put that away before it stains the carpet' but that wasn't very cool at all. Eventually, I decided on Liquid Ooze as my 'handle'.

We couldn't afford any fancy computers though or fancy modems, so my dreams of surfing around the phone lines and taking over nuclear missile defence systems and banks were scuppered, what was a kid to do?

Well, for the most part I was resigned to my fate, getting interested in electronics instead (and consequently blowing up my Dad's nearly brand new Commodore 64 in one of my 'experiments', something I've never admitted until now - sorry Dad!). Eventually though as the years past, computers returned to my life outside of the classroom (where I had already made myself undisputed master of the Acorn and BBC, fixing problems for teachers and the like).

We got a nice new shiny 166MHz PC and a modem. The film Hackers had just come out and oh boy, the dreams came flooding back. I'd grown up a bit since the last time I had dreams of conquering the internet though. Something as silly and childish as 'Liquid Ooze' couldn't possibly be my name any more, oh no, that was for babies. So I needed a new name, something cool and sneaky like the people in Hackers. Not only that but I also had the good fortune to get into the Amiga scene at this time. I got myself heavily into the mod scene, getting myself a copy of OctaMED Sound Studio and cracking out tunes whenever possible. The Amiga was just the right level between full-on PC-style computer and the old days of my Amstrad and my days were rapidly eaten away by it. All these cool modders out there had awesome names too, so the need to have one was absolute.

So, my first time on the internet I established a name for myself. Inspired by hackers and modders and my childish dreams of the past I crafted a new name to by known as on the internet for ever more.

Hello. I'm Dark Liquid.

The End

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