I have a thing for naming things "Fluffy." Particularly things that are not fluffy. I guess I've enjoyed irony since before I even knew what the word meant.

Also, Fluffy is the name of a character in my ongoing, as-yet-unwritten story which first was created at the age of seven. He's a large, vicious gecko who likes to eat people.

You see why I created the "Fluffy" part.

But, in most websites, "Fluffy" is usually already in use. So I needed to add something else to the username.

At the time I was about eleven and my favorite book series was an entertaining, but rather repetitive series known as Warriors. My favorite character just happened to have the name "Crowfeather," but that was a bit of a mouthful. So I just shortened it to "crow."

And so, Fluffycrow was born.

The End

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