There are two parts to my name’s story, as it is composed of two screen names merged into one, Elorie and Thryn. Thryn came first and has a simple origin. Elorie, however, is more complex, not to mention potentially confusing if you don’t know anything about DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) or Marrion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series.

So first, there was Thryn, with its simple origin.
My boyfriend installed gAIM (i.e. AIM for Linux) on the computer he was lending me and asked me to create an account. Since I was sure there would be 50,000 Cats in some variation or other out there I chose to use the later half of my name. Thus I became thryn (apparently there was at least one other thryn already registered so I had to add a number but rather than find the next sequential number available, I just used the same number as my boyfriend and it worked).

Next there came Elorie, with its semi-convoluted story.
It started when my Fiancé (same guy as above) got me interested in playing DAoC. First I had to pick the class I wanted to play (he’d already been playing the realm of Midgard with a bunch of people, so that had been decided for me). After much deliberation I chose to create a Dwarven Thane; a lightning bolt throwing melee fighter. Now she needed a name. First I thought of Sharra, the main character in Stormqueen by Marrion Zimmer Bradley. Thrilled by my seemingly unique choice, I tried it, but it was taken. So I tried Camilla, the strong willed warrior woman of Thendara House (another novel by Marrion Zimmer Bradley). Again the name was taken. So I dug deeper into Darkover’s history and discovered that Camilla had been born as Elorie, a noble lady destined for the Towers, until she changed due to a horrible and scaring ordeal. Elorie, was not taken, and so I have been Elorie (or some variation there of) since. The name has been with me for nearly 8 years and three different MMOs (not to mention guild and alliance forums).

So, why did I merge Elorie and Thryn?
Well, Thryn represents my actual persona, the real life side, while Elorie represents my in game persona, the fantasy side. But to me, Protagonize is neither real life, nor fantasy, it’s a place that merges the two, and so I merged my names. Not to mention Elorithryn sounds like the name of an elegant and graceful Lady.

The End

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