My last name is Cotton and all through my life people have been coming up with silly nicknames to go with it. Nearly all of my body parts are apparently funnier with the word Cotton in front of it.   So anyway one of these nicknames was one my grade eight teacher gave me cottonwood. Another thing I got called a lot was cottonhead partially due to my absentmindedness which led to the asumption that my head was filled with cotton. The first time I called cottonhead was by one of my dad's co-workers at a forestry meeting thing up where I used to live in New Hazelton up in northern B.C.

    So anyway one day when I was hanging out with a friend she went to call me one of the names and ended up mixing them both together by accident. She's called me cotttonwoodhead ever since. However I can get revenge because her name is Abra which leads to Abra Kadabra which she doesn't mind much but she gets really pissed off when I call her Hocus Pocus instead. I even invented a rather rude rhyme to go with it involving the words wood head and cotton. I'm sure you can figure it out.

    I chose to use it as my pen name just becuase I like names to be kinda long and I always try to use some of my own name in my pen name so people who know me can recognize it.

My real name is Aaron Godfrey Thomas Cotton.

The End

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