Audrilyn Grace Bright

The name Audrie Grace Bright is a very peculiar name indeed. Upon it’s conception it was simply three words I selected out of many because I merely liked the sound.
     Coincidentally, Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress (which may or may not have actually played a role; I honestly cannot remember). I added the “ie” and dropped the “ey” because I have always had a fondness for “ie” names and quite simply, because I liked the way it looked.
    The name Audrilyn didn’t come into play until a year later, when a good friend of mine and I combined our favorite classic movie stars’ names (Audrey & Marilyn) to make an online screen name for what I do believe was a Harry Potter website. I adored the name and used it for my “full name.”
    Grace is a sweet sounding name, but actually came from an ancient porcelain doll that my aunt had refurbished for me when I was sixteen. It has terrified me ever since. When I learned that the doll’s name was Grace, the irony was too great to be ignored and I knew it had be used.
    Bright was a random word that I pulled because I love last names that were actually words (like my own last name). Bright was a word that meant multiple things as well, which was also something I enjoyed.  It sounded just dissonant enough to coexist with the other names.  Months later, I also found out that is the last name of one of the producers on friends. I do love that show.

The End

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