okay, so Spiderwriter is kind of an odd name but lets see if I can explain how it came about.

So one day while really bored in Composition class I was taking these random quizzes about "What's your spirit animal."

Well, annoyingly none of these quizzes kept to the same sort of answer since they were all created by differnt people so I tried to keep to the quizzes created by actual Native American people. I also took some about Astro signs. It turns out that I am the Libra scales, a Raven, a chinese goat /sheep (I prefer goat), and a spider. After some research on several sites and lookin up some stuff in Animalsim and the Native American meanings of these animals.

After awhile the Comp teacher put the class on this Wiki site thing and so we all got to choose usernames. thinking of something no one else would possibly come up with I thought uhh...hmmm...write...writer...spiders are cool...spider writer, hey that kinda rhymes. And I''ve kept it since.

The End

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