Okay, so Jillian is actually my real name. In truth, if it wasn't, it would possibly be the world's most boring penname.

And I know this is a place to give the stories behind your penname, but I figured I'd tell you why I don't have one; because I've certainly considered it.

In the past, I have had a penname for various things (such as ilovethedrummer, in which I was actually the drummer, hence a cheeky sort of name.)

But when I found Protagonize, using my real name seemed like the most appropriate thing for me to do. I thought about it and decided that anything I wrote, I would want others to know the name behind it. I wanted to take full responsibility for my work instead of disguising myself as someone else.

The mystery of a penname has always intrigued me and I think, one day, if I ever get a reputation for myself, I'll write something completely different and use a penname. I like the idea of being able to escape from the person people think I am and try something they wouldn't expect.

Until then, what you see is what you get. I'm a simple girl and there is nothing complicated about my writing. I feel like, to get places with my writing, I need to arrive there on the merit of my name. So right now, I need people to see me as I am.

The End

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